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Difference between 5g 4g and 3g- Generation of Network Technology

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We all are eager to get the best possible internet speed, but many of us prefer 3G rather than 4G and 5G but how much of you are aware of the difference between 5G 4G and 3G? If you want to know, the join me on this interesting journey.


Generation of Wireless Technology network:

The era of evolution started million years ago when human every species started adapting the surrounding according to the climatic changes, so changes, modifications are for own benefit.

The same way, in this modern digital era things get changed rapidly to be adaptable in the global market.

The discovery of cell phones was a tremendous change in the world, this communicating device has connected the globe. Modification keeps the cell phone to sustain in the market, earlier in 1980’s 1G technology was in use.

Today, we are here to discuss what is the difference between 3G 4G and 5G, many of you must be knowing, but there are some new factors added which you might not be knowing.


Till 1993 2G has evolved then 3G, 4G and the latest one until now is 5G wireless technology for communicating and people started seeing the difference between wireless technology.

All these generations are distinct in features like 1G uses analog radio signals which is not that good for voice calls as compared to the digital signal. The 2G used GSM technology thus allowing digital voice and data to be sent across the networks.

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Many more facilities provided in 2G such as messaging, internet roaming, call hold, attending conference calls. This was the drastic improvement in the field of tech.

The state of transformation is inevitable and should be done without costing harm to culture and environment.

The progress in every vital field is needed to sustain in the continual demands of the society as we have learned from ancient history, species which aren’t tried to adapt to the changing environment have become extinct so the rule of nature should be followed in both the world in nature as well as in the digital market world.

Considering the features in 2G was very efficient but the advancement in Generation has given a U-turn in tech. Here we would be discussing the features present in 3G/4G and upcoming 5G and these are the features from which you can identify the difference between 5g 4g and 3g.



5g vs 4g vs 5g


# 3G

  • Carrying the features of 2G, 3G has given better voice quality and greater data capacity.
  • Data transmission cost became low
  • High-speed internet
  • Video calls/ conferencing
  • Mobile Tv
  • Navigating maps
  • Mobile gaming

These features become accessible due to a broad 3G spectrum of bandwidth and 3G introduces few technologies such as CDMA 2000, TD- SCDMA, WCDMA these are the upgraded versions of CDMA.


  # 4G: The Successor of 3G

  • Has more bandwidth and services than 3G
  • Technologies used is UMTS, OFDM, SDR, MIMO, LTE, WiMAX
  • Features provided is: very high data capacity, greater quality voice calls, secure internet facility
  • 4G introduced LTE tech. to send data as packets of information in networks so engineers need to build the design for packet switching device earlier it was circuit switching it have different devices.

4G has enhanced the wireless services and personalized social networking sites.


  • Earlier generation uses TDMA, FDMA, CDMA as channel schemes. 4G uses OFDMA for channel


# 5G: The Latest Generation Technology


Only a few countries enjoy the incredible network

  • Similar features are present but with greater quality and at the lower cost
  • Also low power consumption
  • It has iot services
  • Up to 10Gbps data rate with the broader bandwidth
  • It uses new radio frequencies bands
  • Offers a larger number of supporting device
  • Huge video downloads


Massive changes will be going to take place in the near future with the production of 5g fitted phones. It is expected to be in the market till 2020. Now, let see what future have for us, till then we can enjoy this difference between 3g and 4g and 5g.

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We hope that after knowing this difference between 5G, 4G, and 3Gyou will select the best plan for yourself and you will even recommend the best to your friends also.

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