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5G Mobile Technology in India – Latest Network in India

Let’s understand first what is 5G Network before discussing any Latest 5G mobile phone, 5G Launch Date in India and 5G Mobile Technology in India. There are several generations of Mobile Technology like 3G, 4G, and 5G. 5G shows the 5th generation of Mobile Technology Communication.

In the Last Few Year, we saw a boom in Data Consumption in India since Jio 4G was launched. Their easy Data Packs made everything easy for internet users. Nowadays People are using the Internet more than ever. That’s how we can predict that they are ready to switch to a faster Network. In India when 4G Technology Network came then No.of mobile users also increases. No.of 4G mobile phones were sold in just a minute over e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. That’s how Technology brought the demands. Then Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many fast internet speed needy Products got huge users to access. Yes, Demand and supply, so we can understand by seeing, consume of 4G that Internet technology users are waiting for the 5G network as well as 5G mobile phone as 5G Mobile Technology in India will grow very fast and may be more than 4G.


5G Mobile Technology in News:

5g technology in india

Qualcomm said  India is going to be a “fast follower” of the fifth-generation (5G) technology. Indians have been increasing the usage of Data as 4G LTE came in market and along with this 4G Mobile phones has been getting many sales.

“5G will kick off with enhanced mobile broadband as its first use case. By the end of 2023, there will be 1 billion 5G subscriptions, accounting for around 20 percent of mobile data traffic,” says the report.

The Indian government has already set a plan to target consumers by 2020.

Patrik Cerwall, Head of Strategic Marketing, Ericsson said “We believe that 20% of all data traffic in 2023 will be on 5G, and 20% in 2023 is potentially more than all kinds of traffic we have today – about 1.5 times more than the total of 4G/3G/2G traffic today,”

Read about difference between 5G 4G and 3G and wireless technology

5G Release Date in India:

Network providers around the world are already testing 5G networks throughout 2018. 5G will most probably be available in India by 2022. IIT Chennai is also taking part in testing. 5G will also help accelerate the Indian government’s projects such as Digital India and Smart City. So any release date is not confirmed but that is the expected date. There are lots of questions on the Internet that when 5G will Launch in India? But there is no confirmed date given by Government yet so You can just wait when they will finish work on testing because 5G Mobile Technology will take time in India.

5G Network available in India:

Airtel Launched India’s 1st 5G Capable Network MIMO( Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output). Kolkata has become the first Indian city to get India’s first 5G Network. Airtel’s Project Leap network transformation program is working on it wherein the network capability can be expanded to seven times, using the same spectrum.

5g speed in India:

It is kind of thing you can say it will bang you mobile data speed, movies will be downloaded in just the same time your mobile take to restart. Boom Boom Hurray!! You can get the downloading speed of 100 Mbps downloading.

For more about speed test, you can read 5G test in San Francisco.

I can’t say about the 5G service in India. You can say the way we have been getting 4G mobile technology service we will get 5G. i.e. you will find network speed improving day by day, not in a day. 5G mobile technology in India is one of the big projects in the eyes of Govt., So wait for it.

First 5G Mobile in India:

First 5G mobile is getting lots of attention and many news are reacting too. The company’s Vice President, Chang Cheng has claimed on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo that the world’s first 5G mobile phone will be from Lenovo powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset.

first 5g mobile phone

Reportedly, Huawei is going to launch the first 5G mobile hotspot in Q2 of 2019 before it launches the smartphone. Huawei has also been conducting 5G trials in India, in partnership with Airtel.

But here is something great news. Motorola has produced the world’s first “5G-upgradeable” smartphone with the Moto Z3. Someone asked me one day” is there any Patanjali 5G phone?”. I was surprised but maybe who knows after few years Patanjali jumps into this too.

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